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The solar power company with hundreds of active sites in Canada and the world

While other solar companies have been making big announcements about solar energy projects that sit on the drawing board, SunEdison is continually activating solar power systems. We have operational solar power plants and solar power systems in Ontario, across North America and Europe, and more in development across Canada and the globe.

SunEdison's experience developing and completing solar PV projects far surpasses that of other solar companies.  In fact, we have developed hundreds of solar power systems for a wide variety of companies and organizations. This is where we are today:

  • More than 135.8 MW of solar energy capacity
  • 401 operational sites, including the first fully-active, utility-scale solar park in Canada, First Light I 
  • 8,317,772 MWh delivered
  • More than 10,462,925,548 lbs of CO2 abated
Our solar power plants are designed and built to the highest utility-grade standards, using proven PV technology, so that we provide customized and sensible solar solutions. PV systems include rooftop and parking-structure installations, as well as ground-mounted fixed and tracking solar power systems.

Unlike many solar companies, SunEdison does not manufacture the hardware we use to customize individual solar PV system solutions.  Because we have no technology bias, we are not limited to a one-size-fits-all approach.  And that means that your solar PV system will be truly customized and optimized for your facility and region.

SunEdison’s offices are located around the world to ensure proximity to our customers and a full understanding of relevant incentives/programs that support the expansion of solar.  Our headquarters in Canada is located in Toronto, staffed by experts in Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program

Learn more about a customized solar services solution for your organization.  Or, contact our headquarters in Canada to speak with one of our solar experts serving the Ontario market.

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SunEdison operates solar PV systems throughout Canada and the world.
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Sea Gull Lighting Products, LLC
"The ability to simply put a piece of equipment on your roof...while reducing society's need to build new power generation plants is a no-brainer. If everybody can do a little bit in that area, it's a win for utility companies, consumers, and the environment."

Alan Hirsch
Executive Vice President of Administration
Sea Gull Lighting Products, LLC

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