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About Solar

Proof that doing right by the environment is also financially rewarding.

Greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide emissions, are released into the environment through the burning of fossil fuels for energy. These emissions are a major contributor to global climate change. Photovoltaic solar, however, is a zero-emission renewable energy source. When solar is used in place of fossil fuels, there is an immediate beneficial impact for the environment. Fact about solar energy

#1: Solar energy system hosting isn’t cost-prohibitive, in fact, solar can pay YOU dividends. Based on Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program, SunEdison provides a way for you gain a new revenue stream from your unused roof space and land with no upfront capital costs. Fact about solar energy

#2: You don’t have to actually use solar power to host a solar PV system. As a SunEdison PV system host, you receive a lease cheque for the space you allocate; you do not need to use the energy produced on-site. The path to “going green” just got a lot shorter. Fact about solar energy

#3: You won’t have to maintain complicated solar equipment. With each of SunEdison’s services, we constantly monitor the system remotely and quickly dispatch service personnel when needed. You sit back and enjoy the financial benefits and positive environmental impact. When you consider the pros and cons of solar energy, you’ll see there are many reasons to make solar energy services from SunEdison part of your organization’s plans. Learn more about the benefits of solar energy.