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New Solar Panel Technologies That Are Revolutionary

  • Sara 

It’s the year 2020, and all of us are confined to the comfort of our own home. Imagine if our own house had enough solar panels on the roofs, so that we could produce our own electricity. Imagine how amazing it would be. When a lot of people hear the word solar power, they instantly think of solar panels that do a great job at generating electricity by harvesting solar energy. The sun never turns off, and there can be unlimited amounts of energy that can be harvested with the help of solar panels. Solar energy also happens to be a renewable source of energy. It is also the energy of the future. There are so many exciting new solar panel technologies that are already in the market. These are very promising when it comes to revolutionising the industry. We should consider a couple of things before we put in a solar panel system. It requires a little bit of roof space and a certain investment from your end.

Here are some very interesting solar panel technologies that are in the works.

Have you heard of floating solar farms? Well, let me start by telling you what a solar farm is. Solar farms are being adopted by a lot of companies nowadays, because they need a lot of energy and they want to cut down on electricity bills, they also want to have a greener footprint. That is why, companies are creating huge areas where solar panels are placed, so that they can harness solar energy. Silicon panels are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and they are becoming more efficient as well. Photovoltaic panels are placed on the reservoirs, and other bodies of water and they offer really good efficiency because they have a lot of benefits.

Floating solar farms actually do a great job at generating a lot of electricity without making use of land or real estate.

Another interesting that I would like to mention our solar skins. Solar skills have become a novel PV technology that integrates custom designs into solar panel systems. The solar skin technology is very similar to ad wraps which are displayed on bus windows. Solar skins also have a sleek finish, and they also do a fantastic job at hiding metal components. They give the panel a very cool look.

Solar fabric

Did you know that there is something called solar fabric? Solar radiation is actually available all across the planet, so why don’t we generate our own energy whenever we need it. Imagine solar clothing. A lot of researchers are developing solar fabrics so that you can harness the energy every single time you step outside. You can later use the energy that is harvested.

The future surely looks bright with these ideas implemented into our lives.

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